Fall In Love With the Process

Posted by Patrick
Fall In Love With the Process

When you begin the process of change in your life remember that the joy of success is in the journey. If you find joy in the process and you get your sense of accomplishment from the activity more than the result, then you have achieved what few have.

Just today, I was remembering the story of a long period of financial challenge in my life when my wife and I (both people who are particular about what we put in our bodies) sat down to a dinner of Ramen noodles and hot dogs. It fit our budget at the time, but certainly didn’t fit our lifestyle. We laugh about it now, that’s easy; the best part is that we laughed about it even as we sat down to that dinner because we knew that it was part of our journey. We knew that there would be a day when all of our meals would be as healthful and delicious as we imagined them. We didn’t doubt that for a moment and that’s what made that moment so bearable, so palatable and even, so fun. I was in the process and engaging in the activities every day that would inevitably bring us the success we desired.

People often waste their lives wanting what they don’t have or even wanting to be someone else. So many books are written about living in the moment and the power of meditation, the message is the same: don’t dwell in the past and don’t live in the future. Look forward to where life is taking you but enjoy the journey as you’re on it.

This is just one of life’s great paradoxes: be grateful for where you, be in love with the process, be inspired by what you can become. Let that inspiration carry you joyously wherever your journey takes you.

Here’s to your successes and failures, may you embrace them both!

7 Responses to Fall In Love With the Process

  1. play2wynn@gmail.com says:

    Ready to change my life !

  2. dreamachiever101@yahoo.com says:

    I know everyone talks about ‘enjoying the journey’ but until now I really never thought about enjoying the day to day process -the little things- of changing my life and reaching my goals. It feel great to be a part of this incredible program and I am grateful for finding out about it.

  3. Guy Hardin says:

    I agree, going through this process is helping me to have an enormous joy FOR the process. It is truly helping me to see that if i am always focused on the goals, the ones that really matter to me: a willing to die for relationship with Jesus, an equally willing to die for marriage, I never really get there, how can you set a date for those type of things, right?…but by focusing on the process I become more aware and in tune with the changes that are taking place and can realize those goals along the way to even greater and greater things that those goals will lead me to.

  4. jb@booth-family.com says:

    What a relief that the system itself was delayed in coming! There is a lot of work and mind adjustment to do BEFORE ever putting pen to paper. It takes time. Having the workbook a month before the system has been great. Watching the movies without feeling the need to “dive in” has been great. Preparation pays big dividends! Even the yearly goal process is good to do prior to the arrival of the system as that way you can make mistakes and refine even before you get going with the system. You know what strikes me most about this system – there are NO shortcuts. It is what it is – a wonderful coherent, integrated program for success. In tens years I expect to look back and say, “engaging in the Bridge the Gap process” was the most significant factor in my success over the past decade” Loving the journey Jonathan

    • Patrick says:

      Jonathan, Great comment! It means you are really committing the time necessary to lay the foundation properly. The next 10 years are going to be great. I look forward to hearing about all your achievements. Looking forward to talking on Wed night. Hope you can join us. Patrick

  5. Myla Everett says:

    Now that I have slowly digested parts (the overwhelming foundation) of the system, I am beginning to understand how to enjoy the journey which definately adds excitement to the coming new year of 2012! I started in the basement! I’m now on the first floor and soon will be climbing the stairs!

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