Positive Springtime Habits

Posted by Patrick
Positive Springtime Habits

The transition of seasons has arrived and as the grass goes from brown to green and the trees go from bare the bursting it’s a great time to focus on making changes in our own lives as well. Get in great shape, lose ten pounds, tone up, make more money or improve a relationship. It’s easier than you may have previously thought to create significant change in almost any aspect of your life.
Accomplishing these new goals and seeing them through to fruition will be much easier if you rely on some advanced resources. Discipline, will power and commitment may seem like the standard tools of change however, there is a growing body of research that clearly suggests that as little 5% of your behaviors are consciously self- directed. This means that as much as 95% of what we do, how we react and the choices we make occur automatically; our habits make us or break us. This is particularly true when we are under pressure or stress (and who’s not under a little pressure and stress now and then?).
Building positive rituals into your daily routine can be the best catalyst for major change. How about drinking a large glass of water every morning (set it on your nightstand the night before)? Or try ten pushups and twenty squats to get your heart rate going. Helping your children create a summer morning routine can make the summertime chaos a lot calmer. My daughter has just instituted her routine: a glass of water, brush her teeth, ten pushups, five minutes of violin, and read a poem. The ultimate goal is not to make her a concert violinist, poet laureate with good breath but rather to introduce her to the power that routines can play in her life. Only five days into this routine and it’s the first thing she thinks when she wakes up.
By creating rituals or routines we automatically bring awareness to areas we wish to improve. This awareness provides us with choices that did not previously exist. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction and a very important distinction therein. There’s no “magic” or “voodoo” to that very important “law”. The truth is that when we make our subconscious aware of the changes that we are looking to make in our lives through habits and rituals (and affirmations and visualizations, but we’ll get to that later), we allow that same subconscious to get to work in looking for opportunities for us to make those changes. When faced with these opportunities it is easy to consistently create new disciplines. Others may applaud you for having strong willpower but, while that may be the world’s perception, the reality of all people who exhibit great discipline is that they have learned the power of routines and rituals.
It’s often said that either you make your habits or your habits make you. As the springtime world comes alive ask yourself, what habits will you create today?

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  1. Cris Cherry says:

    Thanks for the always positive input.

  2. Myla Everett says:

    I really am glad now is the time for me to read your blogs. Following last nights’ call, I recommitted myself to the program! Your blogs are raising limiting beliefs that need to be replaced. This one is “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” This program sure can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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