Phase One: Building the Foundation

Bridge the Gap will help you identify exactly what you want to achieve. It will bring clarity to your goals, purpose, values and vision and then find the synergy between them.

These steps alone can dramatically speed up your achievements. Bridge the Gap is a step by step, simple and eye opening path to getting everything you really want.

Almost everyone wants to live a life of great purpose. They want to be so engrossed and in love with what they are doing that the financial benefits are simply a bi-product. However, it takes a lot to succeed in this endeavor. Believing in your ability, knowing that you are on the right path, ignoring the obstacles and loving the process can be a little unrealistic for most people.

When your goals and your vision for your life are crystal clear and when they have synergy with your greater purpose, then happiness, freedom, time, money and spiritual fulfillment come in greater quantity and more quickly.

This is what Bridge the Gap is all about; helping people who want more in life get more in life. It’s about helping you leverage a powerful, revolutionary system to create new daily habits and lasting change.

The process begins by completing a sixty page guidebook that will help you discover what you really want. In this process you will identify what your greater purpose should be and what values mean the most to you. By identifying what values are important and which ones are not driving you toward your greater purpose, we can begin helping you to improve the quality of your life.

Ultimately, through this entire process you will end up with a set of goals that are exclusively and uniquely yours. Goals that will actually bring you happiness in the process of achieving them as well as in their achievement. Goals that are in alignment with your purpose, values and your newly created vision statements.

This process, once completed, will become the foundation and contain the fundamental drivers for the monthly, weekly and daily process used in your Bridge the Gap system. Ultimately, the big picture (the yearly process) will be directly linked to the smaller picture (the daily process) which is why laying the foundation properly is so critical.