Phase Three: Implementation Makes it Happen

If you knew exactly what you were supposed to be doing every day, if you knew the exact daily activities that would help you achieve you wildest dreams and goals how excited would you be?

Bridge the Gap is more than a powerful training system; it’s a tangible system that you will use to help you maintain the focus and personal accountability that is necessary to succeed.

That brings us to the daily process of implementation. The difference between success and failure most often lies in moving forward every single day.

It’s not actually the best plan that usually succeeds, but rather, the plan that is worked every day. Bridge the Gap will help you have the best of both worlds. A better plan but, most importantly, better daily implementation.

As you know BTG is about creating powerful new beliefs around your capabilities. This system is ultimately about figuring out what you want and using some very simple neural conditioning methods to help you get it. When you take control of your subconscious mind that same subconscious mind begins to identify better options that you previously never noticed. This is when you are on your way.

The key to programming the subconscious always has been repetition and consistency. The daily process built into Bridge the Gap will help you with this entire process.

There are eight steps that, when completed, take a total of fifteen minutes to complete. These eight steps will give you everything necessary to write a new story about yourself, experience powerful visions of your future, leverage the power of awareness and boil it all down to the daily steps necessary to make it all a reality.