• Your personal 62 page Bridge the Gap Guidebook

    This incredibly comprehensive guidebook will direct you towards what you truly want in life. Once you’ve completed it you will be totally empowered to take it to the next level.

  • Change Your Life One Belief at a Time Audio CD Set

    Patrick Shaw shares several of his own life experiences that have been used to develop this life changing program over the last 25 years along with a compelling introduction and initial training to the Bridge the Gap Program.

  • The entire Bridge the Gap Planning System

    • Yearly Tab

      • Master Goals section including Life Goals Sheets,
        Yearly Goals Sheets, Planning and Action Sheets and
        Collection List Sheets
      • Affirmation section including Visualization and
        Affirmation Statement Sheets
      • Yearly Picture section including 3 years of
        Yearly Picture Foldouts
    • Monthly Tab

      • Including 12 months of monthly calendars,
        365 days of daily planning spreads with the
        GapClip page finder
    • Weekly Tab

      • Including GapClip Weekly Goals Sheets
    • Daily Tab

      • Including 1-31 Daily Tracking Sheets and
        Week at a Glance Sheets
      • Journal section including an abundance
        of Journal Sheets
      • Index section including Index Sheets
  • Access to the entire library of Bridge the Gap Training Videos

    Over 40 comprehensive on-line videos give you step by step instructions on how
    to complete your Bridge the Gap Guidebook and then implement what you want in
    your life with the Bridge the Gap Planning System.

  • Access to the entire library of Bridge the Gap GapForms

    With this access you can personalize your system to take you even deeper into the program.

  • Access to the entire library of Bridge the Gap recordings

    Listen to all our past calls for training and answers to real world questions form other
    Bridge the Gap members just like you.

  • Receive all our Video Insight emails

    Watch our extra bonus video trainings e-mailed out regularly for additional in depth
    tips you can apply to all aspects of the Bridge the Gap program and your life.