“In the last several days I’ve put about $.6-1M into my sales funnel, and this week particularly, using the daily tracking and disciplines, I’ve had embarrassing, gushing love-fests on the phone with potential customers that can’t believe the follow-through. I’ve done some of the hardest things in the sales cycle, now I just have to close some of these deals by continuing to use the daily disciplines I’ve set up.”

– Sean – Castle Rock, CO

“I am very excited about Bridge the Gap…Love the GapForms…I feel that I am in alignment with Bridge the Gap.”

– Rosalind – Corinth, TX

What I am beginning to realize is just how you can use so much of the excellent information that is out there by having BTG as a system. I was thinking that I had to make a decision as to what I using but now I am beginning to understand more about what BTG is all about. I just love the fact that I can just keep adding good stuff to my life DAILY.

– Patricia – Seminole, FL

“I picked a goal to work on immediately as part of this process – I have a much bigger one in formulation but for now I just wanted to get my weight within a certain healthy range. So I wrote an affirmation, set a plan, began to execute it on a daily basis and guess what I’m losing weight!”

– Jonathan – Monmouth, OR

“This system is the best I’ve ever seen! I’ve used all of them in the last 20 years: Franklin, Covey, then FranklinCovey, DayRunner, Daytimer, and MyTyme. Bridge the Gap beats them all!”

– Scott- Lindenhurst, IL

Thank you for following your goals and providing all of us with this AWESOME system. I am extremely excited about putting the system into action in my own life.”

– Lyssa – Berlin, MD